Frozen products start-up Germany


Germany, Hamburg


Strategy consulting: positioning, market entry strategy and international expansion

Client description

The company was going to introduce frozen food such as smoothies, soups, ice cream to the German market.

Client turnover

500.000 euro (source: – estimated)


Project description

The brand concept consists of a range of healthy and nutritionally balanced frozen food delivered directly to the customer that can be prepared in 10 minutes.

Key attributes:

  1. Sustainable on every level
  2. Highest quality, locally sourced ingredients
  3. Use of advanced freezing technologies
  4. Easily accessible: fast delivery and preparation.
Product portfolio
Strategy consulting start-up plan

12 different types of smoothies, each with 6 different ingredients, proportioned by a nutritionist.


The company received guidance on the following issues:

  1. Branding (name and brand positioning)
  2. Identification, analysis and positioning against competition
  3. Analysis of differentiating factors in terms of supply and demand
  4. Market entry, distribution and international expansion strategy
  5. Cost optimisation

In our analysis we have considered the following:

  1. Specific consumer target groups
  2. The ability of the company to compete with different brands (e.g. the private brand of the Edeka retail chain)
  3. Limitations and strengths of the company
  4. Compatibility of the product with consumers in targeted each country
  5. Consumer priorities according to product and distribution environment
International expansion strategy
Strategy consulting international expansion

Recommendations for each stage of enlargement were provided in the international enlargement strategy. They have been considered:

  1. The culture, country and consumer profile
  2. The opportunities for standardization or the need to adapt to each country
  3. The demand and the costs involved